I dreamed a dream of time gone by

IMG_20190209_165309HOLY FUCK! A verrry traumatic drinking dream, out of nowhere!!! I don’t really think about drinking or sobriety much these days. It’s just part of my fabric that I don’t drink now.

I don’t question it. Perhaps I need to take stock of my self care rituals etc. because after that dream, I found myself falling into reveries of pouring wine into a glass (I didn’t want to, but the thought existed for me again).

A reminder not to be complacent: I’m still just one wrong choice away from being totally fucked. But ….. as long as I keep making the RIGHT choice, my life is full of opportunity and ever-expanding possibilities. I’d forgotten that sometimes alcohol seems like the answer.

It never is.

It is the OPPOSITE of expansion, the opposite of being open to the beautiful possibilities of this life. Sometimes it looks easier! But it’s living death. Death is easier and less uncertain than life, it’s true.

But while we’re alive, let’s LIVE!

I’ll be in the corner, rocking, muttering to myself, “it was only a dream, it was only a dream!”.


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  1. annastk76 says:

    I haven’t had any drinking dreams in a while now but will no doubt happen again, and I can just imagine how this caught you off guard! I take them as reminders of what was and where I never want to be again. Thanks for sharing. X

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    1. bgddyjim says:

      They never stop, not that I’m aware of. They’re few and far between nowadays, but I’m not holding my breath they’ll stop for good. Keep the faith.

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  2. I don’t have them often but they scare the crap out me when they do. As you said they serve a good reminder to keep making the right choice.

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  3. Carol P says:

    I had my first dream like that the other night, and I quit over a year ago!
    I think what caused it is that I’ve been using the Daybreak app to support others, but it gets a bit much when lots of people talk about struggling with their Alcohol use.
    Decided to ration my use of it and not use it every day or read more than a few posts at a time.
    It’s an awesome community, so I don’t want to end up not liking it.

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    1. Omg I feel you on the sobriety community. As time goes on I feel the same. I try to limit my time on devices full stop, as it can be very distracting- but community is also super rewarding too xx

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  4. (kris)tinaboucher says:

    Drinking dreams are the WORST! Even in my dream I am disappointed in myself. Such a strange thing. When I first stopped drinking I would have ‘phantom hangovers’ on Saturday mornings if my fiance and I went out to eat or something the night before. Thankfully, those are long past, but our minds play funny tricks on us!

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    1. I’ve had phantom hangovers too! Occasionally I get a sugar hangover and it makes me panic for a moment!!


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